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                • 86-576-84289228

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                Zhejiang Huangyan Longyuan Model Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing prototype models. Thanks to our advanced CNC machining technology and state-of-the-art rapid prototyping machines including CNC machine tool and SLA laser rapid prototyping machines, we are capable of offering high quality modeling solution to both overseas and domestic customers . Our competent employees with strong expertise are good at employing such software as Pro/Ug/Solidworks/Catia for prototyping purpose.. We have accumulated extensive experience in prototype model manufacturing.

                Our business lines covers the manufacturing of various prototypes ranging from various domestic appliances, office equipment, medical devices to communication and consumer electronics. The material for CNC machining includes ABS (engineering plastic), transparent Acrylic, POM, PC, synthetic glass, PP, PC etc. We can provide prototypes to customers exactly as desired in a prompt manner thanks to our SLA laser rapid prototyping machine which can realize layer-by-layer curing of light-sensitive resin upon being exposed to laser. Our customer need do nothing except providing either a 2-D drawing, 3 D drawing or a real object before getting the finished product in a short time, contributing to a significant reduction of lead time.

                Our products scope: Manufacturing of cosmetic prototypes and structural prototypes of plastic and metal products.

                Household Appliances:
                warm air blower,TV set, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, air duct, coffee pot, juice extractor, water dispenser parts, washing machine parts etc.
                Office Equipment:
                printer, laptop computer, cashing machine
                Communication and Consumer Electronics:
                digital camera, web camera, cellphone, remote control, U disk, electronic scales, walkie-talkie, earphone etc.
                Auto and Motorcycle Parts:
                Instrument panel, car light, engine parts, automobile bumper
                Medical Equipment:
                Housing of monitor , respirator, B-ultrasonic detector etc.
                Replica Gun, toy. rapid prototype , stainless steel alloy parts, metal prototype etc.

                The company is located in Huangyan,Taizhou—“ the Land of Molds & Dies” of China.